One of these things is not like the other - and they don't belong together!
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Imagine a flapper dancer wearing a cowboy hat with a combat jacket? 
Or how about a police jacket, with a hot pink jumpsuit, and a tie? 
These things do not go together and 
only we can sort them out. 
AHS Theater Costume Closet Needs Your Help!!
Join us on Sunday June 7 from 4-7PM to sort costumes. 
We will reorganize the costume closet, hopefully match up suits, re-hang dresses and clean up from this year, getting ready for next year. 
All help is welcome, but we would love to know if you can join us!
Please RSVP to Mr. Rosen [] or Ms. Gurwitz [].
We will have treats to keep you fortified!

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AHS Drama Boosters

Congratulations to the casts and crews and especially the directors of our one act plays!  Good job, everyone!  Nice support, community!  Thanks to everyone!

Senior-Directed One Acts on Monday May 4 at 7 PM

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